julietarauli 1Julieta Qüesta & Rauli Choque workshops in Tallinn on Dec. 15.-17.


(There might be still some changes in the programm)


18 W1a +w1b Follower´s Techinique + Leader´s Technique
Technique: How to walk with quality, elastic, and connection. The pivot with quality. Tips to improve our lead and to make our embrace more elegant, comfortable and effective (for leaders). The importance of the technique to take care of the feet, and for our steps to look and feel splendid (for followers).

19:30 W2 “Tango for couples” (Class dedicated to perfecting couples) or “Special Workshop of Musicality. Identification of the main elements in the structure of Tango of 40´s.”


15 W3 Tango: “Useful resources to apply in the Pista”

16:30 W4 Vals: “Cadenas & Vaivenes” In this class, we study a series of elements characteristic of the waltz; the chains (or cycles), and the “Vaivenes” (series of weight changes), and as the class progresses, the main rhythms of the waltz can be applied.

21 Old Town Milonga with performance of Julieta Qüesta & Rauli Choque


15 (?) W5 Giros: “Giros with Sacadas and Giros with Enrosque”.

16:30 (?) W6 Milonga: “Simple and complex resources for improvising.” Traditional figures and elements of Milonga. In this class we focus on the rhythmic application of the milonga’s distinctive elements.


Private lesson – 80 € per hour, (same price per person o per couple).

julietarauli 2Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/julietayraulitango/

Cities in which Julieta Qüesta & Rauli Choque have taught and danced since 2013, among others:
Buenos Aires (Argentina) Cordoba (Argentina) Esquel, Bariloche & Las Grutas (Patagonia Argentina) Malmö, Stockholm, Naxjö, Uppsala, Vaxjö, Karlskrona, Jönköping, Örebro (Sweden) Paris & Festival du Prayssacc (France) Berlin (Germany) Brighton (England) Istanbul (Turkey) Kaunas (Lithuania) Jyväskylä (Finland) Copenhagen (Denmark) Torino, Genoa, Alessandria (Italy)

Some awards and distinctions:
Champions of the World Cup Tango Cordoba 2012
Champions of Floreal Milonga Buenos Aires 2013
Champions of the Milonga of Los Zucca Buenos Aires 2014
Sub Champions Metropolitan Tango Milongueros del Mundo 2014
Finalists of the World Tango Championship 2014, 2015, 1016, 2017


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