LAIA BARRERA & DIOGO DE CARVALHO õpitoad Haapsalus ja Tallinnas 11.-13.okt. 2019

Kuna Laia ja Diogo võlusid meid juba esimesest tangosammust, siis kutsusime nad Eestisse meid õpetama.
Kindlasti tasub eeskuju võtta nende filigraansest tehnikast väga klassikalises tango stiilis, aga nad on valmis õpetama julgematele ka kaelamurdvaid lavatrikke.

Laia Diogo green
Reede, 11.oktoober, Haapsalus
19:00 1. Unexpected Sacadas. How/ When and Where use sacadas.
20:30  Milonga Haapsalus “Sügise värvid”

Laupäev, 12 oktoober, Tallinnas
15:00 2. – Technique with Laia: from the bases (caminata, pivot, ochos…) until Boleos- Adornos
15:00 2. – Technique with Diogo: from the basic to  Lapiz- Enrosques- Adornos for leaders
16:30 3. Volcadas and Colgadas during the improvisation. Control and playing with our axis
21:00  Milonga Katusel Laia ja Diogo esinemisega

Pühapäev, 13.oktoober, Tallinnas
(homikupoolikul võimalikud eratunni ajad)
15:00 4. Enroques for both. Leader- Follower. How to do it in the correct way and when use it while we are dancing
16:30 5. Sequences milongueras for reduced spaces with attention to Rythmical Movements. How to use the music to create different dynamics and shapes of movements with our partner
(18-19 paus)
19:00 6. Tango stage/choreographic: workshop for couples that are interested on develope and work in tango stage, we will work with different traditional steps and we will create another scene for our tango. This workshop is perfect for professional dancers or students that want to improve their skills on the stage


Lisainfo/registreerimine/eratunni soovid telefon 555 88 999 või e-mail:
Õpitoad toimuvad: reedel  Haapsalus (kultuurikeskuses, Posti 1), laupäeval ja pühapäeval Tallinnas (Ahtri 12/Jõe 9, III k, ruum 73).

1 tund 20 € /osaleja
2 tundi 40 € /osaleja
3 tundi 55 € /osaleja
4 tundi 70 € /osaleja
5 tundi 80 € /osaleja
6 tundi 90 € /osaleja
Eratund 80 €/ tund


Laia Diego 1-5Laia Barrera &  Diogo De Carvalho

A young couple that seeks to combine freshness, intensity and tradition in their tango, always respecting their origins.

Formed in different dances, they are currently fully dedicated to the dance and teaching of Argentine tango (salon, stage) around the world. Their desire is create a connection with their students and public and show to everyone that this dance is accessible ,it does not matter the age, physical condition, nationality that the person has.


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