julietarauli 1Julieta Qüesta ja Rauli Choque
õpitoad Tallinnas 15.-17.dets. 2017

Õpitoad toimuvad: Pärnu mnt 154, IV k saal. Kui välisuks on lukus, kasuta fonolukku! Parkimine maja ümber tasuta.
Info  www.tango-tallinn.com ja tel. 55588999
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Reede, 15.detsember
18:30 W1A  Meeste tehnika
18:30 W1B  Naiste tehnika
20:00 W2 Paaritehnika, ideaalne ühendus

Laupäev 16. detsember
15:00 W3 Tango: Muskaalsus. 40´te tango struktuurielemendid. Õpime tundma struktuure, mis esinevad klassikalises tangos. Vaatame näiteid, kuidas tõlgendada neid muusikalisi struktuure kasutades erinevaid rütme, sünkoopi jm.
16:30 W4 Valss: Cadenas & Vaivenes
. (16:30-18:30 paus 2h)
21:00 Old Town Milonga Julieta Qüesta & Rauli Choque esinemisega (milonga on aadressil Vene 6, Tln)

Pühapäev, 17. detsember
15:00 W5 Tango: Giro Sacada’ga, Enrosque’ga, kuidas interpreteerida sammu pikkust jm detailid, soovitav eriti edasijõudnutele
. (18:00-21:00 paus 3h)
18:30 W6 Milonga: Vanameistrite kombinatsioonid ja rütmielelmendid, erinevus tangost

1 tund 20 € /osaleja
2 tund 40 € /osaleja
3 tund 55 € /osaleja
4 tund 70 € /osaleja
5 tund 80 € /osaleja
6 tund 90 € /osaleja
Eratund 80 € / tund

Julieta Qüesta & Rauli Choque workshops in Tallinn on Dec. 15.-17.

Address for workshops: Pärnu mnt 154, 4th floor. Please ring the bell if front door is closed or phone 55588999!
Registre here or by phone 55588999, liivih@hotmail.com.


18:30 W1A  Leader´s Technique
Tips to improve our lead and to make our embrace more elegant, comfortable and effective. How to walk with quality, elastic, and connection. The pivot with quality.

18:30 W1 Follower´s Techinique The importance of the technique to take care of the feet, and for our steps to look and feel splendid. Walk and pivot with quality, elastic, and connection.

20:00 W2 “Tango for couples” (Class dedicated to perfecting couples) Class dedicated to dancers who usually dance, practice together or be classmates. In this Workshop, we will make a personalized aesthetic and functional work of the Abrazo. We will also work on the connection and change of weight at different levels when walking. The application of pauses and dynamics changes. The individual work that contributes to the couple. Looking for the personality, when dancing as a couple.


15:00 W3 Tango: “Special Workshop of Musicality. Identification of the main elements in the structure of Tango of 40´s.” 
In this class we will analyze the musical structure of classical tangos and we will learn to identify the main elements present in all the Tangos. Likewise we will work some figures as an example of application. As we can recognize these elements, we can decide how to interpret them when dancing: Simple Time, Double time, Syncopation, etc.

16:30 W4 Vals: “Cadenas & Vaivenes”. In this class, we study a series of elements characteristic of the waltz; the chains (or cycles), and the “Vaivenes” (series of weight changes), and as the class progresses, the main rhythms of the waltz can be applied.

21 Old Town Milonga with performance of Julieta Qüesta & Rauli Choque


15:00  W5 Giros: “Giros with Sacadas and Giros with Enrosque”. In this class we will teach a Traditional System of Giros with Sacadas. The knowledge of this system, implies both the leader and the follower, to decipher an innumerable amount of Tango figures and positions. It also allows improvisation and creation of your own convinations. We will also work on improving the role of the follower in the Giro. How to interpret the length of the steps, the speed of the turn, the distance of the hug. Variant of the woman in the twist with “enrosque”. Tips for improvements the Giro with Enrosque and Aguja. This class is for intermediate/advanced level of Tango as Advanced students can get more out of it.

18:30 W6 Milonga: “Simple and complex resources for improvising.” In this class we will work with traditional figures and elements from old Masters Milongueros. The Ocho of Milonga, and different combinations and resolutions. In this class we will also focus on the rhythmic application of the milonga’s distinctive elements, and in the differences and similarities between the Tango and the Milonga.


1 lesson  20 € per person
2 lessons 40 € per person
3 lessons 55 € per person
4 lessons 70 € per person
5 lessons 80 € per person
6 lessons 90 € per person

Private lesson – 80 € per hour, (same price per person o per couple).

julietarauli 2Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/julietayraulitango/

Cities in which Julieta Qüesta & Rauli Choque have taught and danced since 2013, among others:
Buenos Aires (Argentina) Cordoba (Argentina) Esquel, Bariloche & Las Grutas (Patagonia Argentina) Malmö, Stockholm, Naxjö, Uppsala, Vaxjö, Karlskrona, Jönköping, Örebro (Sweden) Paris & Festival du Prayssacc (France) Berlin (Germany) Brighton (England) Istanbul (Turkey) Kaunas (Lithuania) Jyväskylä (Finland) Copenhagen (Denmark) Torino, Genoa, Alessandria (Italy)

Some awards and distinctions:
Champions of the World Cup Tango Cordoba 2012
Champions of Floreal Milonga Buenos Aires 2013
Champions of the Milonga of Los Zucca Buenos Aires 2014
Sub Champions Metropolitan Tango Milongueros del Mundo 2014
Finalists of the World Tango Championship 2014, 2015, 1016, 2017


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