If you want to become a members of tango club Tango Tallinn NGO, then

1) Make sure whether your interest is in accordance with the Statute of the club klubi põhikirjaga.
2*) Send a letter with the completed application to tango.tallinn@gmail.com
3) Pay the membership fee to account

IBAN: EE061010220080300011, BIC: EEUHEE2X, Bank: SEB Bank.

The membership fee 40€ is to be payd in January for the current year. Discounts apply to events and classes after we received your payment.

* If you are interested only in discount and not in responsibilities organizing work of our club, you may miss writing application and just be associate member by transfering the fee – discounts are the same, but you have no obligation to participate in general meetings of the club.

MEMBERS of Tango Tallinn as on July. 14, 2014:
1. Aare Martinson
2. Ardo Jutt
3. Artur Novek
4. Eveli Kuuse
5. Ilmari Mäng
6. Jaanus Tamm
7. Kadri Kiiskmann
8. Kaia Hüva
9. Karel Kasearu
10. Karmen Ong
11. Katrin Orav
12. Liivi Novek
13. Maimu Einasmaa
14. Maire Kordmaa
15. Margit Ritso
16. Mati Veermets
17. Merle Mäng
18. Pille Javed
19. Piret Lainde
20. Sille Küttner
21. Tiiu Pirsko

22. Allan Mäelt
23. Andres Kaju
24. Elena Ezhova
25. Igor Slepak
26. Inna Uibukant
27. Kati Loo
28. Katrin Kaur-Lehmann
29. Katrin Nei
30. Larisa Leiman
31. Marge Eelma
32. Märt Järvik
33. Nelli Sudnitsõna
34. Nikita Divissenko
35. Valdo Tali