Argentine tango club

MTÜ Tango Tallinn (NPO)

— Postal address :  Kreutzwaldi 24, Tallinn, 10147

Phone: + 372 555 88 999

emai:  or

Banc account number

— IBAN: EE061010220080300011, BIC: EEUHEE2X,    Bank: SEB Bank AS

Account holder: TANGO TALLINN MTÜ

In ORKUT community we are  represented as “Tango Argentino en Estonia” 🙂 also in Facebook FACEBOOK 


About the club “Tango Tallinn” 

Grupp Diegoga

Argentine tango club in Tallinn started in October of 2006, when was the first workshop and also the first Milonga (dance party). Since then, our goal is to develop learning and dancing Argentine Tango  in Estonia, to organize lessons and Milongas, to cooperate with teachers and dancers from abroad.     Picture with our primary teacher, Mastrangeloga Diego, the summer of 2007.

November 2007 we registered Argentine Tango Club as  NPO Tango Tallinn. Image inaugurated the establishment of NPO Tango Tallinn :


Picture of inaguration meeting of NPO Tango Tallinn in november 2007: